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  • Area: 100,000 sq.ft.
  • Scope: Design and build

A comprehensive Design Build workspace spread over 100,000 sq. ft. including a massive mezzanine structure in the Reception area and a timeline of just 60 days. This was the kind of project that would truly test our capabilities to the limit.

We quickly realised the only way we would be able to deliver within this timeline was to actively involve our associated design team in the site execution. They would need to constantly mitigate and improvise the designs based on actual site conditions without deviating from the conceptual designs approved by the client.

Having a prior relationship with the client meant that their expectations were high. We knew that they trusted us to pull out all the stops and come through for them both, in the way we executed the project as well as in the quality of our work.

That's exactly what we delivered. A beautifully finished workspace incorporating various design features like vibrant collaborative spaces to break the monotony of the workstations and of course, the detailed mezzanine structure.